The Ultimate Outcomes

15 Ultimate Outcomes that Everyone is searching for

Great life coaches know that all clients are searching for an Ultimate Outcome.  Coaches know that helping clients includes improving performance, increasing self awareness, setting better goals, strengthening relationships, developing strategies and so much more. The connection between all these areas of life is the Ultimate Outcome the client is seeking.

As a life coach, I want to share these Ultimate Outcomes with you, so you can use them to focus your own goals in 2018 and make the most of your efforts. We all want to be focused and precise with our time and energy – and this list helps you hone in on what’s most important.

What is an Ultimate Outcome?

An Ultimate Outcome is the overarching theme or goal that someone is working towards. Often when someone pictures their “dream life” the Ultimate Outcomes that are important to them provide the framework for who they would become and what their ideal life would be like.

If you know you want to set goals, but aren’t sure where to start – finding the Ultimate Outcome that resonates with you is a perfect place to gain focus and clarity around where to aim your intention this year.

If you already have goals that are in progress, exploring the Ultimate Outcomes are a great way to focus your project, business, year, life, or whatever you may be pursuing and make the end goal crystal clear.

The Ultimate Outcomes

Here’s a complete list of Ultimate Outcomes used by life coaches to help their clients clarify their goals, identify meaningful results and strategize the best approach to getting the outcomes they desire. I’ve purposefully not defined each outcome – as I feel that each individual describes these outcomes a little bit differently.  

  • Personal legacy
  • Financial independence
  • More, or better, opportunities
  • Design a perfect life
  • Expand capacity
  • Fulfilling lifestyle
  • Business and career success
  • Relationships
  • Mastery
  • Increased performance
  • Vitality
  • Personal sovereignty
  • More time
  • Increased creativity
  • Stimulating environments

Which Ultimate Outcome did you find yourself the most drawn to?

Exploring Ultimate Outcomes

Here are a the questions I pose to my clients when we are exploring Ultimate Outcomes:

  • What drew you to that Ultimate Outcome over the other options on the list?
  • Do you feel like your life is currently on track to help you reach this outcome?
  • What’s one small change you could make today to get you closer to achieving that Ultimate Outcome? If you made that change every day for a year – where would you be?

How Can You Use Them?

Reading through this list of ultimate outcomes might make you feel overwhelmed if you want to achieve multiple outcomes over the course of your life time. Don’t feel like you need to tackle all the outcomes at once, many build upon each other. Think about how they fit together for you – and start with the most attainable outcome first.

I hope you can refer back to this list often to see if your priorities and goals have changed, as it offers a great reference for where you are at with your personal growth and development!

Xx Justine

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