All In Coaching


I am an “all in” Coach. We won’t just meet once every other week to check in, I am available to you between sessions for ongoing and unlimited strategic support.  As such, I invite you to think of Coaching as a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short time.  However, to refine and sustain the change takes several months.  Although not binding, I would ask that you expect our Coaching relationship to last at least 3 months. I believe this is the best way to coach and be coached, and I challenge you to give it a try!


Monthly Package Includes:

  • Three 45 minute scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions (via phone) per calendar month
  • Ongoing, unlimited email support
  • Between-session actions, exploratory worksheets and exercises.
  • 15 minute Impromptu calls as needed.
  • All In Coaching runs for a season of 3 months, with the option to cancel at any time.

Cost: $400/month 

For More information, take a look at my Coaching Agreement


Single Session:

I rarely take on clients looking for single sessions, as I truly believe in the “All-In” Coaching Process. However, if circumstances dictate this is your route – single sessions are better than no sessions!

  • One 45 minute scheduled one-on-one coaching session (via phone)
  • Follow up check in (via email)

Cost: $100/session


Still Not Sure?

If you aren’t sure if coaching is right for you – contact us to set up a FREE Exploratory Session. We will ask you some BIG Questions and give you feel for coaching. You can chose to continue, or not! No obligations.




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