Self-Coaching Questions to do with a Friend


Today’s post offers you the chance to do something really exciting, self coaching! Sometimes barriers keep us away from hiring a life coach, whether they be financial, physical, or situational. Here you will find a list of self coaching questions that you can work through with a trusted friend or partner (or on your own!).

Sometimes hearing someone ask you a question out loud is profound. It makes you really stop and think about your answer. So find someone you trust and are comfortable with – print the worksheet and dive in!

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Do yourself a favor and don’t look at the question as your friend is asking you – just open your mind and let your truth bubble up. I’ve included some additional prompts in case you find yourself stuck. Ask yourself the questions listed below and notice if you feel resistance, fear or excitement. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the right answer, it needs to be your right answer.

What has been your greatest accomplishment(s) to date?

  • Think about the defining moments in your life.
  • What are you most proud of?
  • When was your strength truly tested?
  • What have you created that you can call your own?

What do you value most in life?

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What do you hold the closest?
  • If you listed the three most important people, places or things in your life, who or what would they be?

If failure was not an option, what would you be doing with your life?

  • If you couldn’t fail – what would you try?
  • If success was guaranteed, what would you attempt?
  • How is this different from your current life?
  • What is the scariest aspect of trying when failure is an option?

How is the life you described when failure wasn’t an option different from the life you are living?

  • What is there more of?
  • What is there less of?
  • How is your environment different?
  • How are you different?

What would you regret not doing, having or becoming in your life?

  • If you picture yourself on your 90th birthday, sitting in front of your birthday cake, surrounded by family and friends – what do you see? If you continue your life on its current path, is there anything that you regret in this moment?
  • Coming back to the current moment, is there anything missing in your life right now?
  • Who did you always think you would become? Is that different from who you are?
  • What is missing from your life?

What would you like to contribute to the world?

  • What can you contribute to the world?
  • How will you leave your mark?
  • How would you like to be remembered?
  • Write your obituary in 4 words.

I hope you enjoyed these self-coaching questions and discovered something new about yourself in the process. These questions came directly from my Client Welcome Package, a pre-coaching workbook I send to each of my new clients.

If you found this helpful and would like some more questions to work through – please email me at justine@southofthirty.com or leave a comment below, and I would be happy to provide them to you free of charge. Happy self-coaching!

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