Personalized 31 Day Challenge

I am excited to announce a very special project for the month of August! I will be working with all of my email subscribers on an exclusive Personalized 31 Day Challenge, providing email based coaching supporting whatever each individual subscriber feels is most important for them to work on. Keep reading for more details – and to learn how you can join the South of 30 Personalized August Challenge!

Life coaching seeks to support you in living a life of joy and ease through developing recurring results that support who you want to become. While identifying who you want to become is the first step (you can read more on how to do that in the post Discovering Your Purpose), setting up recurring results is the next step. For the month of August we are going to focus on the one thing that will contribute most to your success.

Did you know the behavioral patterns you repeat the most often become etched into your neural pathways? This is why habits form and become so automatic. Suddenly you don’t have to think about the steps of a task – they just happen. What would it mean for your life if you were to make a habit out of something that would directly contribute to your success?

What is this challenge?

This challenge supports authentic success through developing recurring action in a supportive environment. It is driven by you and your personal goals and supported by me as a life coach. This is 31 days to form a meaningful habit that will become a tool in your life that increases success. We will explore practicing this action or item, promoting discipline and commitment and investing time in what matters most to you.

What this challenge isn’t:

This is not a 30 Day Squat Challenge or a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. I am not prescribing specific actions you “should” take or identifying goals for myself that you can follow. How are you supposed to get closer to achieving your goals if you are always working on other people’s agendas? We are not forming habits for the sake of habit formation, we are identifying the specific actions you need to take to get you to where you want to be.

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How to Pick Your 30 Day Challenge Item

First you need to identify two to three tangible outcomes you are working toward this year.  What goals did you set for yourself on January 1st for 2017? How much progress have you made in the last eight months? Is there something new and exciting you are working on right now? What would it take to get that to the next level? Dream big here – if your tangible outcome is to be a full time blogger – then go for it!

Next, look for the daily (or weekly) results that will turn into these outcomes. This is where the step-by-step process really comes into play. We are breaking down your tangible outcomes into smaller pieces that together combine into your big goals. If the outcome you are working toward is to quit your job and become a full time blogger – the results you might be playing for are 3 consecutive months of $2,000 from your blog. That means you are aiming for $500/week in blog income (or $72/day).

Then, identify which actions you need to take to get these daily or weekly results. This is where things become very manageable! Here we are looking at the small habits and actions that you can take to generate the results identified above. If you know your goal is $500/week in additional income from your blog – what do you need to do to get there? How many posts a week will that take? How many sign ups for your e-course? What do you need to do to generate them? The number of emails you send, the amount of time you dedicate to creating content, the number of followers you amass on social media, the number of guest posts you write, or webinars you post are all examples of actions leading to your goal.

Finally, pick the most effective action from your list above – this is what you need to work on in August! Which item from the list of actions above would get you the most results? Challenge yourself to make that action a part of your day for the month of August – commit to doing it every day. How much closer to your goals would you be if you completed a month of doing this action?

Identify challenges & plan to overcome them

You are going to come up against challenges as we make our way through the month of August. Identifying what might be a challenge ahead of time will place you in a powerful position to overcome it and grow as a person. What challenges might you face in regards to your specific action? Is there anything you can do to minimize the risk of you not completing this challenge? What resources do you have to support you? How can you make this challenge fun? In what way can you experiment? I will be available to all of the challenge takers via email for ongoing support throughout this process!

Plan your celebration

Take a moment to think ahead to August 31. Imagine you have completed the challenge you set out for yourself and where this has taken you. How does it feel to succeed at accomplishing the goal you set?  How much closer are you to those tangible outcomes you identified above?

Make sure you plan a celebration of your success at the start of this process. Putting aside time to recognize and celebrate your accomplishment is very important! Not only does it respect and honour your efforts, it’s a great thing to fall back on when you are experiencing a particularly challenging day. Get out the calendar – mark it down!

How to get started

I hope you will join us for the month of August and take meaningful action towards your goals. If you have done “30 day Challenges” before without success – don’t worry. This one is different. This challenge is centered around what is most important to you, and I will be there to support and guide you along the way. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

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