Kick off to 31 Day August Challenge

Today marks the official start day of our August 31 Day Challenge! I’m thrilled to have you playing along for the next 31 days and I’m excited to see what we uncover about you and your goals along the way.

In case you missed last week’s post, here is a quick recap. For the month of August I am running a Personalized 31 Day Challenge (with 30 days to play and 1 day to evaluate and reflect). This challenge is completely created around the individual’s needs and supports authentic success through developing recurring action in a supportive environment. It is driven by you and your personal goals, and supported by me as a life coach. This is 31 days to form a meaningful habit that will become a tool in your life. We will explore practicing this item, promoting discipline and commitment and investing time in what matters most to you.

If you want to join the Personalized 31 Day Challenge click here.

Reminder about what our challenge is all about: YOU

Please remember this challenge is here to help you grow and develop into the person you wish to become. It is not selling anything. It is not depriving you of anything. It should foster a sense of play and experimentation while leading you closer to your goals through taking action and forming habits.

What you choose to work on stays between you and me. I won’t be posting any information about what individuals are working on – unless I get specifically expressed permission. Take this time to invest in yourself and your dreams – and take the first step on the journey to becoming who you want to be.

Ways to keep the inspiration flowing:

Thirty days can be a LONG time if you are struggling. Here are some suggestions for how to keep this challenge FUN:

Be Curious. How can you be curious about your challenge topic?

Play: How can you make your challenge/action fun? Adding a race-against-time, or a challenge to improve upon your results each week can be really energizing.

Experiment: If you have tried to do this same action in the past and failed – perhaps it’s time to try a different approach. How can you make this 31 Day Challenge into an experiment? Are there 5-7 different ways you could get the same result with different actions? Play around and see which route is the best fit for you.

Remember the Opportunity Lost: If you find yourself struggling to stay inspired – take a moment to consider where you would be if you hadn’t started at all. You are that much further along your path to achieving your goals. Keep this momentum going. You have taken the first step – which is often the hardest one.

What to do if you miss a day…or five:

Do not panic. Do not give up. Simply recognize and acknowledge that the result you were playing for didn’t happen. That’s okay, and it happens all the time when people play games. What do they do? They keep playing, trying to get the result the next time they shoot the soccer ball or swing their tennis racket.

What can you learn from why you didn’t get your desired result? How can you approach that challenge/obstacle differently next time? Who will you become if you are able to overcome that challenge? How can you experiment to get your desired result (or a different result) next time? There is a lot of value in failing! As long as you take the time to reflect on your situation, and practice judgement free awareness, it is a great learning experience! And of course – please email me and we can do this reflection together.

Remember, help & support are just a click away!

If you want to talk about any of the above points: choosing your action, staying inspired, dealing with a hiccup along the way, I am here for all of my Challenge-takers for ongoing support. While I will be checking in with all of my challenge participants on a regular basis, feel free to send an email right away for immediate attention. Looking forward to hearing what you are playing for!

To join the Personalized 31 Day Challenge click Here.

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