How to set amazing Monthly Goals

How to set amazing Monthly Goals

Plus a Free Monthly Goal Setting Printable

Happy June Everyone! I love the start of a new month - it brings a blank slate and a fresh canvas to all of us. We can let go of what we didn’t accomplish last month, and apply lessons learned to the month ahead. If you’re ready to set some amazing goals for this month - keep reading for a great free printable to get you organized and keep you on track!

A Free Printable to help you set amazing monthly goals

June is one of my favorite months for goal setting - because it marks the halfway point for the year. Are your New Year’s Resolutions a distant memory? That’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up about it - that won’t get you anywhere. Do check back in on those January resolutions to see what still feels important and meaningful to you. Is there anything on that list that you really want to accomplish? Make a note of how you can incorporate those goals into the coming month.

If you’re ready for a totally fresh start - June is a great time for change. Summer is on it’s way and everyone is feeling energized by the anticipation of long sunny days and perhaps a get-away or two. What would make this month memorable for you? How do you want to feel 30 days from now?

Think about these elements and start dreaming. My Free Monthly Goal Setting Printable can help you make these dreams a reality. It will walk you through how to plan out three specific goals - all of which help you create the feeling you are looking for. Perhaps you are seeking adventure, accomplishment, or balance - it’s up to you! Pick a feeling that makes you feel motivated, energized and excited - and start goal setting!

You can download my Free Monthly Goal Setting Printable here:


How should you use this printable?

I recommend setting aside 30 minutes to set your goals at the beginning of each month. This doesn’t seem like a lot of time - but I promise it will make a huge difference to how you approach and focus on the days ahead. Having goals that are meaningful for you will give you clarity and focus going forward, so you can work on tasks and activities that move you closer to your desired outcomes.

Set Three Goals for the Month

Start by setting three goals for the month. I don’t try to get my clients to set goals for various categories if they have a specific focus - just see what comes up naturally for you. If you’re the type of individual who thrives on categorization, try to pick one goal each for personal, work and community categories.

What will accomplishing these goals bring you?

Next - look at your goals and try to be an objective observer. If you were reviewing these three goals, and they belonged to a stranger, what would you say this stranger is trying to accomplish?

Are they seeking balance? A reset? See if you can distill that end result into a feeling. This feeling will serve as a guiding force for your month. Try to add more of the activities, thoughts and people who support and grow this feeling (and say goodbye to habits, individuals and patterns that take away from it).

Break each goal down into parts - to give you the best chance of success

Next you get to dig deep into each goal. You’ll identify the outcome you are hoping for - what does completing this goal look like to you? You’ll also want to identify which action steps are required to accomplish this goal. Those could be weekly or daily actions, whichever works best for you. Try to make at least one of those actions something that is repetitive. Doing that action consistently, will get you closer to your result. If you are trying to drive traffic to your blog - a repetitive action that would get you closer to your goal is writing new content for 30 minutes every day. The weekly action that would build on this is to publish and share 4 new posts a week. By the end of the month this may increase your blog traffic by a certain number of page views, resulting in the outcome you were hoping for.

You’ll also need to identify the biggest challenges for each goal, and come up with a plan to tackle that challenge. Think of each challenge as an opportunity to grow as a person and learn something new. Do you find it hard to find time to sit down and write content? Maybe it's time to try a dictating ap so you can get ideas together on your commute.

Think outside the box as much as possible so you can make your dreams a reality. Chances are if you haven't accomplished this particular goal to date - it's because something in your environment isn't supporting you. Figure out what is blocking you and how you can remove it for future success.

A Free Printable to help you set and achieve monthly goals

Identify Resources to help you achieve and keep you on track

The last thing you will want to clarify when setting monthly goals is what resources you have available to you. In my coaching practice, I find this is the element that is most often overlooked. If you have been struggling to reach a goal on your own - it might be time to look for outside help. This could be an individual who could support you such as a trainer for a fitness goal - or a group of people who could provide accountability such as followers on social media.  Identify an expert you could approach for guidance if you aren’t sure where to start - don’t let confusion trick you into giving up.

Don’t forget to download the Free Printable so you can clearly organize all of these steps in one place!


My 3 Best Tips for Reaching Your Goals

Congratulations! You are well on your way to setting goals for the month that are meaningful and achievable. Here are three of my favorite tips for keeping you on track as you move through the real life trials and tribulations that might pop up:

Tip # 1 Focus on the gain not the gap – If you’ve beaten yourself up for not quite reaching your goals in the past, you aren’t alone. But this month, I would love for you to focus on any gains you make - instead of any gaps that might pop up. If you hope to post eight new blog posts, and only end up getting seven up by the end of the month, that’s still great! Instead of spending your energy focusing on the one post you missed - recognize on the amazing content you provided your followers through seven new posts jam packed with value.

Tip # 2 Look for outside help – This is the last box on the planning guide for each goal - and arguably the most important. If you haven’t already, identify who you could bring into your life to keep you on track. Look for sources of accountability, support, inspiration and guidance!

Tip # 3 Identify your Minimum baseline – If you struggle with all or nothing thinking - this tip is for you! Giving up the whole goal because you missed one day is an indicator you might suffer from all or nothing thinking (also known as black or white thinking). Try setting a “bare minimum” that you want to see for each day, and if you find yourself short of motivation, energy or inspiration - just aim to hit that. This is a great way to create a habit of “doing” without all the expectations you might pile on a new goal.

Good luck with your June goals! Remember you are creative, resourceful and capable - so stay focused on what matters most to you, and results are sure to follow.

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Xx Justine

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