A Post Holiday Guide to Self Care

With the frenzie of the holiday season officially upon us, I wanted to take a moment to create space and reflect on the year so far

The holidays can leave you stressed, drained and overwhelmed. Between multiplying commitments, tricky family dynamics and looming deadlines – many of us find the time between Christmas and New Year’s a welcome break. This guide will give you fun ideas for reflection, introspection and self care during this natural down time – so you can start the New Year feeling refreshed and inspired.

December 26: Day of Relaxation

If there was ever a day to stay in pyjamas all day – it’s December 26th. Make a commitment to yourself to take it extra easy once the frenzy of Christmas Day has past. Plan to have no plans. Reheat leftovers, take a bubble bath and read the book or magazine that might have appeared in your stocking! Enjoy this day of relaxation, making the most of the quiet days following Christmas.

December 27: Day of Order

Picking one day between Christmas and New Years to regain or create order is paramount. Deal with the recycling created by celebrating, find homes for new items you might have been gifted – and replace upgraded items you may have received or purchased over the holiday season. If you were given a new coffee maker this Christmas, don’t wait until February to find a home for your old one. Donate or gift it to someone else making room in your life, figurative and metaphorically for new additions.

December 28: Day of Intention

After you have recharged and reorganized – take a day to set an intention for the upcoming new year. Do you want to have a year to foster your creativeness? Cultivate deeper connections with family or friends? Find balance through invention? Think about what you would like the ultimate outcome of 2018 to be, and consider who you need to become to make that outcome a reality. Draw on successes and challenges of the last year to see what you can learn and carry forward into the new year. Activities to help you set intention include going for a walk, spending time in nature, meditation, yoga, journaling or talking through your intention with someone you trust and admire.

December 29: Day of Wrapping Up

Finish the year strong by wrapping up tasks that need to be finished. Return phone calls, emails and text messages that may have piled up during the holidays. Return duplicated or unwanted gifts to stores before the new year rush. Make a list of things that you are tolerating (such as items that need to be replaced, repurposed, or removed) in your environment and create a plan to tackle these items in the New Year. Physically walking through the rooms of your house with an objective eye – spotting things such as the burnt out lightbulb you keep meaning to replace – or the pile of papers you keep forgetting to sort can be very freeing.  

December 30: Day of Inspiration

We all want the new year to be our best year yet – so set yourself up for a great start by sourcing inspiration so you can start strong. Some people create a vision board, while others find that revisiting inspiration daily keeps them motivated. Pull together different sources of inspiration, and then strategically position it in your environment so you will constantly see or interact with it. Setting a particularly inspirational website as your home page on your laptop, or placing a photo of a dream travel location on your desk are easy ways to keep your brain in tune with your sources of inspiration while you go through your daily life. Note the spaces you interact with daily. Are there ways to incorporate reminders of your inspiration in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, desk and car?


Whether you have big plans for the coming year or want to maintain your current pace, restoring, setting intention and sourcing inspiration will position you for the best possible outcome.

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