5 Tips to help you recharge after burnout

5 Tips to Help You

Recharge After Burnout

We are all looking for a life of contribution and satisfaction that fuels our energy and allows us to create amazing results - do why do some people achieve this while others struggle with the cycle of over- achievement followed by burnout?

This article will help you overcome burnout and set yourself up for future success with 5 easy tips to help you recharge. Click the the image below to instantly download your free worksheet to make your own action plan as you follow along.

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Burnout happens to the best of us. But it’s something you can overcome and learn from. Burnout often takes place when you’ve set up an unreasonable plan in pursuit of a goal, or the result you are seeking has become more important than enjoying the journey.

Sound familiar? Keep reading!

Chances are if you are experiencing burnout, it’s stemming from one of two things:

  1. Trying to move yourself away from a negative emotion through extreme effort and hard work
  2. Trying to motivate yourself to “be better”, “do more” or “get to the next goal” instead of focusing on what sparks your passion or purpose

If you are exhausted from “pushing yourself” or “forcing things to happen” this is a great post to be reading! Here you will learn how to flip those negative emotions into motivating and inspiring positive ones so that you can build a life of contribution and satisfaction that fuels your energy to continue to create amazing results.

Ready to overcome burnout? Here are five tips and tricks to get your motivation, drive and focus back!

So let’s explore:

      • How to eliminate overwhelm by creating a plan
      • Incorporating regular rest and recharging sessions into your plan (and why this key)
      • Making the journey to your goal more fulfilling, so you don’t just focus on the result
      • How to find fuel through abundance and joy
      • Why you need to incorporate fun into your pursuits!

One important note to make before jumping in is that burnout doesn’t come from working too hard. It comes from work that isn’t meaningful and fulfilling, and that drains your energy as a result. I’ll dive deeper into this in Tip #2, but I want you to read the rest of this post with that in mind!


Tip # 1: Eliminate overwhelm by making a plan

Organizing your life and mind with space to think is a great first step to getting out of burnout. While it’s easy to set yourself for failure by “trying to do it all” - you can eliminate this all together by laying out a plan. Chances are you won’t set yourself up to work 18 hours a day for 7 days a week, or if you do - you will see how this is a tad extreme once it’s all down on paper. Instead, make a list of everything you want to achieve, and then start slotting those items into your calendar in order of importance. Don’t set yourself up to overwork, or overproduce!

A lot of my clients find success by diving their year into Seasons. We focus on a different element each season, all of which build back to their bigger goal for the year. By separating sub goals into 90 day plans, it gives you the space to focus on one thing at a time with the reassurance you are working towards something bigger. It’s also easier to put something off to the side, if you know you are planning to get to it in a few months time. Suddenly a huge goal that seemed overwhelming at the start of the year (and would have lead to burnout if it was tackled all at once) - becomes much more manageable once it’s broken into four parts, with 90 days dedicating to each element.

If you are struggling with burnout, I strongly suggest you start to put together a 90 day plan. Give yourself reasonable timelines to achieve what matters to you, put it in your calendar and then just do the work! No more worrying about “all the things” you need to do - it's taken care of with your plan, and you can just focus on producing amazing value for those around you.

Tip #2: Plan to recharge in regular intervals

Tip #2 is critical and so often overlooked! If you are passionate about you are working towards, you are consistently creating results that you are happy with, but you are still exhausted and drained - you might need to plan for more breaks at regular intervals.

Plan space and relaxation on purpose. Suddenly, you aren’t “giving up” if you need a weekend off - you’ve planned for it. Take the onus off your spur of the moment self and incorporate purposeful rest right into your plan. Go back and do it now!

You can recharge your body by working out, taking a walk in nature, doing some yoga, eating a super healthy meal or simply relaxing in the bath. You can recharge your mind through meditation, a spiritual practice or finding inspiration through podcasts, classes, personal growth endeavors and seeking out new experiences.

The goal here is to keep you topped up - so if you do experience a really crazy period, there is a reserve of mind and body energy so you can keep working on what you love. Do your best to make this a routine, and incorporate this into your plan in regular intervals.

Burnout comes from when you truely need to do less and rest more.


Tip #3 - Make the journey better

While Tip #2 was the most critical, this tip might be the hardest to implement. We get so caught up in reaching our goal to move onto the next big thing that we often brush over the experience of the pursuit. But if you are looking to avoid burnout, you can’t rush the result, and you can’t ignore the journey. Use these elements to learn and grow - recharging yourself along the way.

Some great ways to do this are:

      • Plan a mini celebration for the “halfway point”
      • Honor new learnings, and growth - even keeping a list of what you discover about yourself and the world as you go.
      • Delight in detours - ask yourself why this detour showed up for you at this point in time. What lesson is it asking you to learn?
      • Grow your ability to be uncomfortable whenever you can - we often place ourselves in comfortable situations where the result is known if we just put in the effort. Real growth happens due to unexpected experiences or results - so relish in these. Try and make something unexpected happen so you can see how you react.

Tip #4 - Find the fuel of abundance

If burnout stems from relentless pursuit without purpose - we need to make sure you are intouch with your passion in order to avoid burnout. Seeking out goals that “pull” you towards them is a great way to start. These are often sparked by positive emotions such as joy, excitement and thrill.

If you are currently working towards a goal that you feel you’re “pushing” yourself towards - it’s time to take a step back and reflect. What are you trying to move yourself away from with this goal? Is it a fear of failure, or a feeling of inadequacy? Running through hard work will just wear you out. You’ll be back where you started, sitting right next to that negative emotion, except this time you will be physically and mentally vulnerable leaving your ripe for harsh self criticism.  

If you are struggling to find a positive emotion to drive you, think about what you love to spend your time doing. What brings you joy, excitement, happiness and a sense of energy? How could you realign your goal to incorporate these factors?

Finding fuel in abundance, joy and happiness is an amazing switch once you can make it. This mindset shift will truly give you the energy to pursue your goals and create the live you dream of.

Tip #5 - Do something for fun!

This tip builds on #4. Keep things light, bright and interesting by including fun in your plan to keep your fuel of abundance topped up!

Find joy through an activity, personal interaction or experience.

Do something thrilling and exciting.

Don’t focus on what you have to prove or what you want to accomplish.


Tips to help you overcome burnout! Quick, easy and actionable.


You are well on your way!

Moving yourself from a place of scarcity into one fueled by abundance is no small feat. But if you can make this shift (and I really think you can!) you will absolutely experience energy and motivation that is internally fostered.

As you move through these five tips, remember to focus on:

    • Taking a step back and figure out why you are experiencing burnout in the first place **Link to post **
    • Planning for success, rest and space
    • Finding motivation through abundance and joy
    • Celebrating the small wins along the way
    • Progress not perfection - the lessons you learn as you go may make a huge difference in your life down the road.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful! If you want to share this info - make sure you pin it!


And here’s the link to the free worksheet one last time in case you missed it.

Xx Justine


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