5 Tips for a More Fulfilling Holiday Season

As you move into this holiday season, experiment with an action plan that sets you up for a season of fulfillment, where you are able to dedicate energy to what brings you joy. Here are five tips on how you can find fulfillment this holiday season

5 Tips for a More Fulfilling Holiday Season


We all know the pressure that seems to go hand in hand with the holiday season. There doesn’t seem to be enough time, energy or money to get everything done, and yet time marches on bringing us closer to the looming deadlines of the holidays we observe.

As you move into this holiday season, experiment with an action plan that sets you up for a season of fulfillment, where you are able to dedicate energy to what brings you joy.


Here are five tips on how you can find fulfillment this holiday season:


  • Tip #1 Create your own definition of fulfillment

What does fulfillment mean to you? Does it evoke feelings of joy, comfort, love, warmth, satisfaction and contentment? Does it leaving you feeling centred, connected and grounded?

Take a moment to visualize yourself during a moment of true fulfillment this holiday season. Identify the elements, the contributing factors, and the experience of being in that moment. Note your surroundings, the people you are with (or not), and the activities you are participating in (or choosing to opt out of). Create an image in your mind of what fulfillment means to you.

Define fulfillment on your own terms, taking a moment to write it on a piece of paper. Assigning language to thoughts and ideas is a powerful way to give them space (physically and metaphorically).  Place this paper somewhere that you will see it every day this holiday season.


  • Tip #2: Realistically Identify the “must do’s”

I think it’s unrealistic to imagine a holiday season that doesn’t have any “have to’s”. Whether its taking part in holiday traditions you would rather avoid – or simply struggling to do your daily tasks in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, clearly identifying and planning for these “must do’s” will take a huge amount of pressure off.

Reflect for a moment on holiday seasons gone by. How did you feel when the holidays were over? Are you headed for that same outcome this year?  What are the biggest factors contributing to conflict, overwhelm, fatigue or resentment? Note those items, people or activities, while practicing judgement free awareness around the source.  We aren’t here to blame your family dynamics, financial situation, or relationships – we are searching for situations you want to either change or avoid.

Next identify a list of things you must do this holiday season. This is a great opportunity to do a brain download and unload things you may have been storing in your head unnecessarily. Get it all out on paper – and review what you come up with. What can you delegate? What can you eliminate entirely? Is there anything remaining that you identified as a big contributor to feelings of conflict, overwhelm, fatigue or resentment in the last exercise?

When you have your final list of must do’s – schedule these early in the season (first two weeks of December) so you can get them out of the way. Alternatively, explore if they can be pushed off until January.  Be as resourceful as you can with your plan of attack. Can you do all of your Christmas shopping in one day if you plan it accordingly? Would this free up the other three weekends for you to enjoy the season?


  • Tip #3 Identify what Matters Most to You

This is the fun part! Begin brainstorming activities that are going to be the most meaningful for you (as well as your family and friends) this holiday season. What will bring you joy, comfort, love, warmth, satisfaction and contentment? Would eliminating something have the same effect?

Create your list, and think about how you can really bring the spirit of the season back into your life this year. What are you curious about? What’s a new tradition you could experiment with?


  • Tip #4 Make a Commitment to Fulfillment

Make a commitment to seeking fulfillment over chasing “accomplishment” this season.  Be intentional with your energy, if you say “yes” to something, does that mean you have to say “no” to something you want to do? Be conscious of how your choices influence your connections; to your family, to the season and to yourself.

Set yourself up for success by dedicating time in your calendar for the activities that matter most to you this holiday season. You might find you have to eliminate existing commitments to make room for what matters most. Stay strong in your intention to seek fulfillment, and make decisions around time accordingly. Refer back to your written definition of fulfillment if you need a reminder of what you are aiming for.


  • Tip #5 Plan Out Time for Rest

This step is so often overlooked when planning for the upcoming holiday season. If you don’t carve out time to rest, and recharge you will burn out. Make sure you allow for recovery, rest and relaxation so you can enjoy the events and activities you have scheduled, as well as accomplish your must do’s. Aim to start the new year feeling energized, motivated and invigorated in your ability to put what matter to you most at the top of your priority list!


Final Thoughts

If you are able to use these five tips for finding more fulfillment this holiday season, I would love to hear about your results! What did you find was the most meaningful? Did anything surprise you? If you have a tradition or routine that brings you fulfillment during the holiday season, please let us know in the comments below! I hope you head into the new year feeling rested, relaxed and fulfilled.

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