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4 Easy Steps to Have Your Best Year Ever

4 Easy Steps

To Have Your Best Year


Are you ready to make this year your best year ever? Today I’m covering exactly what you need to do to make this your year - in four easy to follow steps. Follow this simple guide to figure out what your big goal is, break it down into actionable steps and put together a clear plan so you can make this year the best year ever.

Ready to have your best year ever? Here are 4 easy steps to ensure you have a perfectly planned year.
Ready to have your best year ever? Here are 4 easy steps to ensure you have a perfectly planned year.

If you find yourself with lots of big ideas, but find time passing by with few results - this post is for you! I’m encouraging the big dreamers out there to put pen to paper and make their goals into plans, so you can make some big changes this year and reap the rewards of success.

Tip #1: Review

The first step in making this year your best year ever, is figuring out your starting point. Take the time to do a year end review, and evaluate how the last year has gone for you.

Some of the questions I ask my coaching clients during a year end review include:

  • What was the big goal you set for yourself last year? Did you achieve it?
  • What didn’t exist last year that you created?
  • What did you learn about your purpose in the last 12 months?
  • Which months were you MOST productive in? Why?
  • Which months were you LEAST productive in? Why?
  • What was one thing you really wanted to do last year but didn’t get around to? What can you do this year to make it happen?
  • What was your biggest contribution to your tribe or the world in the last year?
  • What is your big goal for the coming year?

If you want to take your year end review even deeper, click here for the complete list of questions I ask my clients during a year end review. It’s totally free, and an instant download:

The most important thing about doing a year end review is balancing honesty and judgement. Be realistic in what you wanted to achieve versus what you ended up accomplishing. Ask yourself what exactly got in your way so you can learn from challenges going forward. Take the time to celebrate what you did accomplish and ask yourself how you can up-level those results in the year to come. Don't strive for perfection and don’t compare yourself to others. This is your journey and it’s up to you to make the most of the process as you learn and grow.

Tip #2: Set a goal that makes you excited

When you’ve finished your year end review, you will probably have a pretty good foundation to build upon. Next, you will want to zero in on the big goal you have for the coming year. Do you want to start a blog or launch an online business? How about roll out a successful course launch? Whatever your goal is it should make you excited! Focus on creating something, growing and adding “more” to your life somehow, instead of restricting yourself, removing things and promoting scarcity.

And example of this is:

“I want to practice creative writing every day” VS “I want to spend less time watching TV”.

Don’t let yourself focus on what you want to remove from your life, instead highlight want you want to add, and how that will make your life more enjoyable!

If you aren’t sure exactly what your big goal for the coming year is - these questions can help!

  • What do you want to create in the next year?
  • What do you want more of in your life?
  • What does an ideal day look like for you? What do you need to do to make that your everyday?
  • If you could go back in time to New Year’s Eve of last year, what would you tell yourself to focus on in the coming months?

Tip #3: Break It Down

Identifying a big goal can be both exciting and daunting. It takes guts to say what you want, and can be scary to think about all the time and energy you will need to invest to make it a reality. Instead of getting overwhelmed, use this fool proof method to break your goal into manageable chunks, so you can stay motivated and on track over the next 12 months.

Think of the coming year in terms of the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. Look at your big goal and think about four outcomes that would contribute to making that goal a reality.

If you hope to start a blog - your four outcomes might include: creating a cohesive idea and brand, building a website, developing content and launching. Attribute each of those four outcomes to a separate season (in chronological order of course!) so you have a smaller focus for each quarter of the coming year.

Next, think about the results you need to create in order to generate each outcome.

If your first step is to create a brand, you might need to do some research on your market or niche, create some graphics and a cohesive branding package and learn about how you can market yourself and your blog as a brand.

Each of these results will have specific action steps you need to take.

Identify the actions steps you need to take to get each result. From outlining, drafting, editing and publishing a blog post - to scheduling a photographer, finding the perfect outcome and taking your headshots, identify each step so you are crystal clear on what you need to do. Make the time to write all this out, making a plan for yourself. You can use my free guide to make this even easier:

Tip #4: Plan to stay focused, motivated and driven

You’ve done it! Created an amazing, foolproof plan to make the next year your best year ever. Now you just have to follow it! Easy right? Not so much.

It can actually be harder than you think to stay focused, motivated and driven to achieve your goal over the next twelve months. While breaking your big goal into seasons will mix things up a bit and keep things fresh - I highly recommend the following tips and tricks to maximize focus, motivation and drive in the months to come:

  1. Get an accountability partner: find a friend, fellow tribe member or mentor to keep you accountable. Share your plans with this person and then check in regularly to make sure you are staying on track. Share this post with a friend and have them plan out their best year ever too so you guys can keep each other in check and on track. Share celebrations and challenges to learn from each other along the way too!
  2. Join a group: investing in a group coaching program or subscription service is a great way to keep motivation going over the next twelve months as content will change and challenge you ever 30 days. I personally recommend the Female Entrepreneur Association run by Carrie Green. They have over 650,000 members to network and motivate you, and Carrie shares weekly videos as well as monthly trainings and packages for members that cover a variety of topics. You can check out her membership site here.
  3. Schedule time to rest and recharge: make sure you plan to rest and take a break from achieving your goals. This might sound counterintuitive but it’s really important for longevity. Schedule time to have fun, rest and recharge so you can come back fresh and hit the ground running. I’ve had clients who have had success taking the last week of each quarter off. It gives them time to reflect and recharge before they tackle their next big outcome in the coming season.

There you have it!

My four tips to making this year your best year ever. Take the time to review what you accomplished in the last year, and where you want to go in the coming twelve months. Get crystal clear on your big goal. Break your vision into manageable seasons, and identify the action you need to take to get results. Make sure you schedule time to rest and recharge so you can stay motivated and driven to make this year your best year ever!

Don’t forget, you can make this even easier by downloading my free workbook, which will walk you through the process step by step, giving you room to plan and brainstorm along the way.


Now get busy planning, and make this year your best year ever!



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