Exploratory Sessions

Take a deep dive into discovering your authentic self and what you are really playing for in life. Big questions, big results – it all starts with a one on one exploratory session.

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Find Your Path

Take time for yourself. To explore, to discover and to play. Let curiosity guide you as we find your path and identify your meaningful actions. What will you be famous for?

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Design Your Life

Design your best life through a series of sessions – identifying actionable steps for you to take in order to achieve your dreams and play on an epic level. No one else can live your life as well as YOU can.

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Life Coaching for Twenty-Somethings

So often our twenties are identified as a period of reckless exploration. We coast through these years, not making any real progress on our life goals, financial dreams or relationship plans. We are then left facing our 30th Birthdays with a sense of dread, disappointment and loss. Where did all that time go? What have I accomplished? Who I am I?

South of Thirty offers targeted life coaching to Twenty-Somethings allowing them to make the most of their twenties through curiosity, creativity and play. We help you ARRIVE at 30 slaying live on your own terms. We are not keeping up with the Jones’s here – we are showing up every day for ourselves and taking meaningful actions towards becoming who you were meant to be.

We dive deep, ask you those hard questions and always expect more. Join us to explore your potential and see where your journey will take you. We promise to show up, play hard and celebrate your amazing results along the way. Are you ready to win life?


Are you ready?

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